Tryout Process and Details

We are looking forward to seeing you at tryouts!

In preparation for tryouts, here is some additional information we’d like to share:

 All players must be registered to participate in tryouts.

 Please try to arrive 30 minutes early, as we want all players checked in, dressed, and ready to go

at the start of tryouts.

 Upon arrival, be sure to check in. Each player will receive a pinnie and personal identification


 For many years, MRHA has hired professional graders to conduct tryouts. This year, the BOD has

selected Martian Sports Skills.

 Experienced instructors will run a series of skills and scrimmages on the ice while three

professional evaluators score each player.

 Most players will participate in both sessions for their age group; however, only the player’s

best scores are counted toward their final grade.

 While we need goalies to participate in all tryout sessions, they will only be graded at the goalie

specific tryout.

 Checking is not allowed during tryouts at any division.

 No parents, board members, or coaches are allowed on the ice or bench during tryouts. We ask

that all spectators remain in the stands.

All items above are in accordance with the by-laws.

Please encourage all players to try their best but always remember to practice good sportsmanship.

Most of all, we want them to have fun out there! After all, that is what this is all about.

Thank you,


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