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Zamboni History

Hey....Where did the word Zamboni come from?  Here is the ZAMBONI HISTORY !!

     In the 1920's, Frank Zamboni was an electrician who worked on the side by providing ice to dairy farmers in Paramount, California. But when home refrigerators hit the market, his ice sales melted. So Frank Zamboni and his brother decided to supplement their ice business by building a skating rink.
     In the 1930's, it took four (4) people and about 90-minutes to resurface a typical rink. A tractor would plane the ice and workers followed to sweep up the shavings. Hot water was then hosed onto the rink to create a new, smooth surface. Between hockey game periods, at least six people were needed to do the job and it still required 20 to 25 minutes.
     A shortcut was discovered in 1942, however, when Frank Zamboni began to tinker with his "ice-resurfacing machine". No one paid it much attention until world famous figure skater Sonje Henie visited Frank Zamboni's Iceland Rink to practice for a performance and just had to have one of Zamboni's ice-resurfacing machines.
     Frank Zamboni quickly constructed a second machine for Henie, who then took it with her on tour across the United States. Rink Managers were immediately sold on its ice-renewal capabilities; the Ice Capades purchased one, followed by rinks in Lynn, Massachusetts (Lynn Arena), Dallas, Philadelphia and Asbury Park, New Jersey.
     Zamboni made his first (16) machines all by hand, but the demand soon surpassed his personal production. With (10) orders in 1954, Zamboni attempted to register his new manufacturing business as the "Paramount Engineering Company", however that name was already taken, so Frank Zamboni decided to use his own surname ZAMBONI which there would surely be no duplicate.
     Thousands of sales later, the ZAMBONI brand name is so well-known throughout the world that it has become the generic name for ice-resurfacing machines.

SHAVING.....A razor sharp blade scrapes the ice surface.
COLLECTING.....A Horizontal screw (scoop) gathers the shavings and a vertical screw (scoop) propels the shavings (snow) into the collection tank.
WASHING......Warm water is gravity fed and washes the ice surface flushing the ice grooves and filling them with water.
RENEWING.....The coat of thin hot water that is spread by a horizontal towel renews the ice surface as it dries.

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