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Mar, 2015

2014-15 Medford Hockey Coaches Selected

Medford Youth Hockey, Medford Girl's Hockey and Medford In-House Hockey 2014-15 Coaches have been interviewed and selected.

Medford Mite-1  (Mite-A)  Scott Morello
Medford Mite-2  (Mite-B)  Ned O'Keefe and Ken McConnell
Medford Mite-3 Mite/Squirt In-House (Bruins) - Ned O'Keefe
Medford Mite-4 Mite/Squirt In-House (Stars) - Ken McConnell
Medford Mite-5 Mite/Squirt In-House (Maple Leafs) - Sean Kennedy
Medford Mite-6 Mite/Squirt In-House (Blackhawks) - Joe Russo
Medford Mite-7 Mini-Mite Bruins (Gold) - Brian Bailey & Tony Bova
Medford Mite-8 Mini-Mite Bruins (Black) - Brian Bailey & Tony Bova

Medford Squirt-1  (Squirt-A)  Joe Cucinotta
Medford Squirt-2  (Squirt-B)  John Zuzenak
Medford Squirt-3  (Squirt-C1)  Dave Morganti
Medford Squirt-4  (Squirt-C2)  Phil Andrusin

Medford PeeWee-1  (PeeWee-A)  Mike Rich
Medford PeeWee-2  (PeeWee-B)  Jimmy Cerrato
Medford PeeWee-3  (PeeWee-C)  Tim Pacheco

Medford Bantam-1  (Bantam-A)  Ned O'Keefe
Medford Bantam-2  (Bantam-B)  Mark Steriti

Medford Midget-1  (Midget-A)  Jimmy Cerrato

Medford Girl's U12A  Jessyca Jaynes  
Medford Girl's U14A  Dom Vigliotte
Medford Girl's U16/18A  Paul Knight

If you are interested in coaching youth hockey in Medford, please contact League President Patrick McCabe at 617-640-0643.

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